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Girls: Any color Leotard with Ballet Pink Tights and Pink Ballet Slippers
Boys: White Shirt with Black Shorts and Black Ballet Slippers Hair: Pulled up into Bun and out of the face
(Please do not buy house slippers as they are too slippery on our floor)


   Let's insure your child has the proper attire for success. Please provide a leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes for girls and a well fitting white shirt and black shorts with black ballet shoes for boys. 

   Girls may bring a skirt to class but the Instructor will give consent as to when they can be worn.

   Hair should be pulled out of the face and back into a braid or bun. While the dancer moves their hair can whip into their face, making it difficult to see and even causing a bit of pain.

IRISH DANCE: T-shirt and shorts with Poodle Socks and Gillies.
JAZZ/LYRICAL: Leotard & tan tights or T-shirt & shorts, & Jazz shoes.
TAP: T-shirt with shorts, tan tights or socks with tap shoes.

   Dressing for a successful dance class is important. Please make sure students are prepared for class with proper attire, shoes and hair styles. If you have any questions please ask your students Instructors.

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